Unregistered Handsets: BTRC blocks 82k phones in two days

As a result, 81 868 new handsets were blocked from connecting to mobile networks on Saturday night by the telecom regulator. The devices had not been registered with the National Equipment Identity Register.

From Friday morning, the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission BTRC began blocking unregistered phones.

According to BTRC data 1.45 million other handsets connected to the networks between Friday morning and Saturday night.

Phone owners who attempt to connect to the networks with unregistered handsets have 12 hours to register them on the BTRC website.

All active mobile phones registered with the NEIR by the BTRC were registered up to September 30, according to the BTRC.

NEIR, the BTRC's International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) database, is a unique 15-digit number that all phones in Bangladesh have.

It was launched as a trial on July 1st, and was fully implemented on October 1.

The BTRC states that anyone who accesses a cellular network with a new phone will receive a text confirming whether it is registered.

The BTRC advises those who receive a text stating that their phone is not registered to register it by going to neir.btrc.gov.bd to fill out a form.

Officials at the BTRC stated that to register a handset, you will need the sales receipt and the passport number.

They can also check if the phone is registered by sending a text message with KYD (space), 15-digit IMEI, to 16002, and they will add.

You can view the IMEI numbers printed on the box or dial *#06# from any device to see them.

An individual may bring up to eight smartphones for personal use when traveling from abroad. Two handsets are permitted without charge.

Anyone selling unregistered handsets or other devices to unsuspecting customers will have to return the money or face legal action.

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